Legislator David B. Donaldson   - Ulster County District # 6 (City of Kingston Wards 3, 5, & 9)
Proven Leadership
Dave is serving his 11th term on the legislature. He served for four years as the Chairman of the Legislature and was elected to serve as the minority leader twice including the last term. He presently is serving as the Vice Chairman.  
    He has received praise from both sides of the aisle because of his ability to work with anyone willing to be part of a progressive agenda of government reform, the right economic growth, protection of our beautiful area, effective programs for youth and the elderly, along with enhanced collaboration with the City of Kingston and Ulster County. A few of Dave's initiatives are:  
-Sponsored a partnership with Federal & State gov't creating the Solar Consortium (TSEC) for the Hudson Valley, making us a center for solar research that is now competing on the World Stage.
-Sponsored the first aggressive local government collaboration program creating several collaborations between the City of Kingston and Ulster County and pledges to continue where ever possible.
-Sponsored the Ulster Tomorrow Economic Development Reform
- Initiated Labor Representation on 
the Ulster County Development Corporation and the Industrial Development Agency. 
-Sponsor of Several Good Government Resolutions
-Brought forth changes in workforce policies saving $1.8 Million
-Worked with the Civil Service Unions to bring changes in employee health insurance saving $2.8 Million (The 1st time in Ulster County history that health insurance actually went down)
-Sponsored the creation of Ulster County Dept. of Environment  
-Sponsored the creation of a Fleet Management Program saving on vehicle costs
-Instituted a Contract Management System creating greater control and accountability to assure we get what we pay for
- The first to call out for the County take over of the Safety Net costs from the towns and City.
-SUNY Ulster College Alumnus of the Year 2008 ** awarded to David Donaldson on April 9, 2008
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Chairman David Donaldson has set a goal, “To make a difference where a difference is needed”. His passionate belief that government can play a significant role in making that difference has sustained him through government service and challenges to his health. Using creative solutions, Dave presented what he called “Better Government at a Better Price”, that included reformed fiscal management, sustaining a budget below inflationary rates, maintaining transparency, and improving services through consolidations and efficiencies. He further promoted investment in renewable energy, pairing it with economic development and environmental impact. (See Page 1 for more information)
Dave served as an Alderman in Kingston and then was elected to the County Legislature where he became Minority Leader in 2004 and the Chairman in 2006. In addition Dave teaches Government and Economics at FDR High School in Hyde Park. Prior to teaching he was a Foreman and Inspector for Conrail (Railroad). He began his college education at Ulster and went on to receive his Bachelors in Political Science and Master in History/Education from SUNY New Paltz.
Dave’s character trademark -tenacity- applies to all aspects of his life. One of five children raised by a single mother, he brings compassion to protecting everyone. In 2001-02, Dave defied bouts of throat cancer. He refused a prognosis to give up politics and teaching and instead went through experimental and extremely painful treatments to allow him to speak using prosthesis. Since then he has not only continued teaching but he has attained the highest position in county government.
The College could not have selected a more distinguished Alumnus than David Donaldson to exemplify civic leadership combined with personal attributes that “make a difference where a difference is needed.”

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